Anyone in the 100+ pounds range can potentially jump on our pogo stick. We typically say that there’s a 100 pound limit because we are certain that at that weight anyone really is capable of bouncing. People under 100 pounds will need to have some athleticism and an understanding of timing to be able to bounce.

Someone who weighs 150 pounds doesn’t feel much friction in the stick, but someone who weighs 60 will. Because of that, they will need to really be able to time their bounces and jump at the right time in order to use it. Some people get this concept and others just don’t.

Whether or not you can use one depends on your own individual abilities.

If you weigh 80 pounds and are somewhat athletic, you’ll most likely be ok on a V3.

If you weigh 70 pounds but are pretty darn good on a smaller pogo stick, you can probably use our V3. If you have never used a pogo stick and weigh 70 pounds, you’ll need to be quite athletic to pick up a V3 and bounce on it – and it’ll take some time to get used to it.

If you weigh 60 pounds, you’ll need to be really, really good on a smaller pogo stick to use our V3. If you’ve never used a pogo stick before, you probably shouldn’t go straight for a V3.

If you are less than 60 pounds , you should probably steer clear of the V3.