Over time the seal in your pogo stick will get dirty and grimy. Instead of the lubricant providing a nice smooth ride, it will slow down and not bounce nearly as well. Because of that we recommend routine oil changes for your pogo stick every few months or so depending on use. Any time your stick starts to slow down you should either add a bit more lubricant to it through the removable core in the air fill valve on top of the stick or do a complete oil change, which takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Here’s how to clean your stick out:

  1. Let all of the air out of the cylinder
  2. Unscrew the bolts from the bottom and pull the entire peg assembly out of the pogo stick
  3. Clean the piston and seal thoroughly
  4. Inspect the o-ring on the piston to make sure there are no scratches. If there are, we can send you a replacement for a few bucks
  5. Hand tighten the piston as much as possible. It sometimes unscrews itself over time. If you have a thick rubber band, put that around the piston to get extra traction for screwing it on
  6. Wipe down the inside of the cylinder (we use an old sock or some rags tied to a broom handle to do this – very high tech, we know)
  7. Re-lubricate it by putting the lube inside the cylinder (above the bolt holes, if possible) – Vaseline and Baby Oil Gel are typical favorites.
  8. VERY IMPORTANT Put it back together like so: Finger tighten each bolt around the bottom. Then lightly tighten a bolt on one side. Flip the pogo stick around and lightly tighten the opposite side. Turn 90 degrees and repeat the process. Your goal is to make sure the cylinder is not being pressed to one side by tightening the first bolt too much. If the cylinder is off center, you may experience shorts bursts of air escaping if you slam the bounce pad down at an angle
  9. Set the seal by smacking the pogo stick down onto the bounce pad at an angle. At first, you will probably hear a few air puffs escaping. Rotate the pogo stick and repeat until no more air escapes