You Can Be 66 and Still Love Pogo Sticks

A doctor finds his fitness groove by getting hangtime on an exercise tool many mistake for a child’s toy

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The V4 Fit was designed specifically for exercise and fitness. A Wall Street Journal article published on January 2, 2018 proved beyond a shadow of doubt the baby boomers are looking for fitness tools that take the ‘boring’ out of exercise. That one article sent a wave of sales our way that we had never experienced from any from of media exposure in our ten year history!

Prior to that point we would have told people they were crazy to recommend we sell our pogo sticks to baby boomers. We originally designed then specifically for crazy kids to jump over cars.

But that idea has finally changed. We’ve heard over and over again that jumping on a pogo stick out in front of the house on a warm summer evening is a fond childhood memory shared by millions of former children across the US.

The V4 Fit is now designed specifically for those people to rediscover their childhood joy and get a workout in the process. With a comfortable jump height of 2 feet or less, the V4 Fit dials back our extreme pogo stick by about 50 notches and makes for a fun, smooth, and safe ride. It can be used to jump up to three or four feet, but that’s not what it is meant for. This is a pure fitness machine that will keep your joints from hurting, help to boost bone density, and get your heart rate pumping in short order!

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Patented Air Spring Design

Our Very First Customer's 10 Year Pogo Stick Fitness Journey


When it came time to getting a physical exam for his 50th birthday, Dr. Kim Manwaring was shocked to find out that he suffered from low bone density. His condition, called osteopenia, is a precursor of osteopersis and can lead to easily broken bones. This condition is rare in 50 year-old men, and medication is a frequently recommended option for increasing bone density. Not wanting to take medication, Dr. Manwaring decided to do some research for ways to improve bone density. He found that low heavy loading can be effective in helping with bone density. Typical low heavy loading activities are weight lifting, jump rope, jumping on trampolines . . . or super awesome pogo sticks!

Not wanting to work out in the traditional ways, Dr. Manwaring looked for exercise options that would lead to more fun. After doing some research, he come across some crazy videos from a new company called Vurtego that promised to be working on a new air-powered pogo stick that could jump six feet plus. This was before Vurtego had actually created our  first pogo stick for sale, so when Dr. Manwaring called to place an order we had to turn him away. He didn’t give up easily, however, and as a result he was one of our first customers; some would even call him an original product tester. The ability to take his pogo stick to different locations and put in short periods of exercise throughout the day was appealing to Dr. Manwaring. His schedule as a pediatric surgeon left him with long periods of intense focus interspersed with short breaks. Those short breaks could be used for exercise, but many traditional forms of exercise wouldn’t fit well within his routine. Enter the Vurtego pogo stick, which he used to perform 1,000 jumps every day broken up into four intervals of 250 jumps each.

Over the course of his workout regimen in those early days, Dr. Manwaring reports losing 22 pounds, achieving better sleep, and fixing common issues like irregularity. More then a decade later, Dr. Manwaring is still jumping on his Vurtego pogo sick. He prefers to keep his jump height to 2-3 feet or less and uses a couple smartphone apps to count total jumps and quantify his g-force. According to him, the soft trampoline-like feeling keeps things easy on his knees and should enable him to continue his pogo regimen well into retirement.

When I jump on my pogo stick I have to give it all of my attention. I can’t focus on antyhing else that’s causing stress or anxiety. It’s a nice ‘therapuetic pause’ from life.

Former College Football Player's Pogo Stick Workout Success


After a career of playing college football my knees developed arthritis. All of the running, physical contact, and weight lifting left me in serious pain at the end of my career. Even now, many forms of weightlifting and cardio leave my knees sore and achy. Traditional forms of cardio that don’t hurt my knees are flat out boring. It’s a struggle to keep myself occupied on a treadmill or elliptical for more than just a few minutes.

My pogo stick makes cardio entertaining and time flies by. Every time I use it, it’s a different experience. I go to different parts of town, jump further, jump longer, and jump higher…the V4 makes cardio fun for me again! I use two different types of exercises with my V4. The first is to jump a half mile, which has really helped me develop my ability to move around. The second is what i call a ‘freestyle” session. I just jump as high as I can for as long as I can with minimal rest periods. I normally combine both of these workouts into one 20-30 minute session, which keeps me entertained all the way through.

The V4 also helps me out because it gets my heart racing! With each jump session, I am able to jump longer and maintain a better heart rate. My legs, arm, back, and core all work together during the sessions. This meets my workout goals because the best kind of cardio is one that works the entire body!




*I try and pogo 2 times a week, weather permitting, as a compliment to my weight training workouts.

**Time – some of these times represent only a portion of my workout sessions.

***Average Heart Rate – as my workouts got longer (time) and more difficult (higher psi), l was able to maintain a similar heart rate per workout. This tells me I am recovering better with each workout!

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Scientists at NASA wanted to determine the best way for astronauts to easily acclimate to Earth’s gravity after living in zero gravity for long periods of time. Without gravity pulling on your body, muscles deteriorate pretty rapidly. Bone density is quick to follow. If you’ve ever seen an astronaut readjust to walking after being in space for a long period of time, it’s pretty freaky. They look like oversized babies on jello legs. It takes them months to get their muscle mass and bone density back. NASA scientists wanted to find the best way to get them back to normal again…and jumping on a trampoline was found to be a pretty good option.

Running is the first form of cardio that pops into most people’s minds. We’re good at it. Humans can outrun almost any animal over long distances. Buuut, tons of running isn’t the best on your body in terms of wear and tear. The repetitive forces on your ankles, knees, hips, and lower back can add up over time, which is why many long distance runners have difficultly joint issues in old age. Jumping on a trampoline stresses blood cells and capillaries in a way that running just doesn’t. Jumping on any Vurtego pogo stick is much like a trampoline in how it feels. Periods of weightlessness followed by the pull of gravity, as your land and and transition back to the skies, all without significant stresses on any of your joints.








NASA scientists measured acceleration on various parts of the body when running. To do so, they placed an accelerometer on subjects’ ankle, lower back, and forehead. Each of these accelerometers provided data on acceleration at that specific point in the body. The acceleration at the ankles was double that of the lower back. The forehead measured almost no acceleration. The faster the subject ran, the bigger the discrepancy in acceleration at the different locations. This acceleration shows a pretty significant impact, or shock, at the ankle. This impact can wear your ankles down and create stress fractures in older age.


As with running, the same experiment was conducted on the same subjects, this time while jumping on a trampoline. An accelerometer was placed on the ankle, the lower back, and the forehead. During the trampoline tests, the acceleration for each location was virtually identical. This acceleration indicated that impact forces were distributed throughout the body with no significant stress anywhere. Instead, there was a high g-force applied to the body as a whole. The transition at the bottom of each jump is like increasing gravity by 2-4 times normal…so up to 4-G’s.


The electrocardiograms that accompanied NASA’s study showed that walking at a 3 mile per hour pace does little to provide cardiovascular benefits. Jogging at a 7 mile per hour pace, shows good heart rate variability and a high heart rate.


As opposed to walking at 3 miles per hour, in which the heart rate was very steady and slow, even jumping as little as 7 inches high on a trampoline can elevate the heart rate and provide heart rate variability. Jumping 40 inches high provides more benefit than 7”, but not quite as much as jogging at 7 miles per hour.

REFERENCE: Take your thoughts are of a regular ole’ pogo stick and throw them out the window. Clear your mind and allow it to start over completely from scratch. It’s still technically called a pogo stick, but comparing the V4 to a traditional pogo stick is like comparing a tricycle to a mountain bike

Minimal Joint Stress vs Running

Get the Kids Outside with this Pogo Stick

Kids today only spend four hours a week outside. That’s less than half the amount of time their parents spent outdoors…and less time than the average prisoner spends outside! This is a worrying trend. We spent tons of time outside as kids, and those experiences were invaluable.

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Like Steroids for Your Circulatory System


there’s nothing better than burning calories while having fun

Jumping up and down essentially causes the cells in the body to go through phases of elongation and constriction every time you jump. The stress applied to each cell from the G-forces that your body undergoes causes your cells to adjust to the increased load by becoming stronger. This increases cell energy and mitochondrial function.


there’s nothing better than burning calories while having fun

Pogo sticks are a tremendous exercise for your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is a network that runs throughout your whole body and its primary function is to flush toxins from your body.

Your lymphatic system is part of your immune system. Your lymphatic system contains a network very similar to veins in your body and is full of fluid used to support your immune system and to collect toxins and waster matter from cells in your body. Unlike veins that have valves to help the fluid contained in them to flow and move around your body, the lymphatic system does not have the same sort of valve mechanism for circulating its lymphatic fluid. In fact the lymphatic system relies on body movement, specifically exercise, to help the fluid within it to circulate around the body.

Jumping on a pogo stick is a special exercise because it has a profound effect on the movement of the lymphatic system. The movement of jumping up and down on a rebounder literally works as though it were pumping your lymphatic fluids causing your lymphatic system to experience an influx of movements in circulation and energetic flow of liquids that are so important in flushing out toxins from your body and keeping immune system at peak levels. In this way rebounding is extremely valuable and extremely beneficial to the functioning of your lymphatic system. Regular rebounding, even if it is for five to ten minutes every day, can help your lymphatic system stay in good shape.


there’s nothing better than burning calories while having fun

Bones continue to grow through childhood and young adulthood until reaching a peak density at approximately 30 years old. After 30 years of age, our bones begin to lose their density, becoming weaker and weaker every year. A variety of factors can help increase bone density, ranging from diet to vitamin & supplements to exercise. Placing stress on your bones is one of the very best way to increase your bone density and help prevent osteoporosis. Weigh-bearing exercises like weigh lifting, running, jump rope and stair climbing can all help with bone density increases. You know what else can help increase bone density, and possibly more than the other exercises listed here? Pogo Sticks!

Jumping on a pogo stick places a high g-force on your entire body, from your ankles all the way up through your head. This constant experience g-forces on your body helps create osteoblasts in your bones. These osteoblasts help to build new bone cells. This expansion and contraction on a cellular level helps to improve the structural integrity of your bones.

If you’re looking for a fun form of exercise to boost your bone density, similar to neurosurgeon Dr. Kim Manwaring, you’ve come to the right place. Our pogo sticks are usually designed for crazy, thrill inducing jumps. BUT, we’ve tamed our design to create a pogo stick specifically for getting exercise in. Rather than jumping to crazy new heights, this design has comfort and control in mind.


there’s nothing better than burning calories while having fun

Did you know that the average person in their 50s can only stand on one foot for 45 seconds? Just like with other things, balance tends to decline during middle age. It’s a bid sad to think about – and it’s also really unnerving. The loss of balance can lead to tripping, falling down stairs… and breaking a hip.

Balance is a complex function and requires a variety of things to work together: good sensory input, a sound vestibular (inner ear) system, muscle strength, join mobility, sense of position, etc.

Luckily for you balance is a skill that can be maintained and improved with age. The bad news is that standard forms of cardio performed in a gym do little to nothing for your balance. Everyday walking and jogging don’t force your body into new or unfamiliar positions. The good news is that there are ways to work on balance, and they can significantly boost the sense of balance with aging. Yoga, Tai Chi, pogo sticks… you know, the standard stuff, can go a long way to preventing issues with balance. Pogo sticks require your body to rapidly process balance-based decisions on every single jump. Akin to jumping around on one foot, bouncing around on a pogo stick develops a sense of balance and coordination that many other traditional forms of exercise just can’t provide.


there’s nothing better than burning calories while having fun

This one is still technically unproven, but if true it would be really beneficial.

Essentially, jumping up and down places a significant amount of g-force that your body doesn’t usually experience. This g-force causes your cells to get shifted up and down over and over again, compressing them slightly at the bottom of the jump. After enough of this up and down stress, cells that were previously dormant are stimulated. Cells that remained dormant or slow due to poor circulation are awakened and forced to reactivate. This “turning back on” process causes the cells to release stagnant wastes and toxins that they were holding during dormancy. This release, along with your increased blood circulation can help expel toxins from your body. Why do a juice cleanse when you can do a cell cleanse?!?!


You’re jumping up and down a bunch of times. The goop in your stomach is sloshing around like sludge in a porta-potty. Need we say more?