We’ve been completely flooded with sales this holiday season and are unfortunately out of stock on all pogos. We hope to be restocked by around the end of the month. If you’d like to be placed on a waiting list, send an email to info@vurtego.com and include the type of pogo stick and size you’d like. We’ll make sure to get you taken care of.

The V4 is our fourth generation air-powered pogo stick. It’s based on the idea of a portable trampoline. You can adjust the air pressure to jump 2 feet high or 6 feet high. The more air you pump into the V4 Pogo Stick, the stiffer the spring will become. The stiffer spring allows you to jump higher than a traditional pogo stick—much higher.

The V4 extreme pogo stick is most comfortable when jumping 5 feet high or less, although it is still capable of going up to 8 feet. It’s a great all-around pogo stick, capable of doing just about anything you want.

The V4 air pogo stick is designed for riders who weigh 75 pounds or more. For lighter weight riders, please read more here before purchasing. If you still have questions about this extreme pogo stick, shoot us an email and we’ll help out.

Our pogo sticks come fully assembled and ready to jump on. All you need is a pump to add air.

International orders may be subject to import duties/taxes. Check out our shipping page for more information.