Aqua Robots Tee

Our Aqua Robots shirt was designed for the playful at heart. Depicted on the shirt is a sequence of fun-loving, bouncy little aliens moving across your chest, throwing down a variety of different tricks. The bright, aqua fabric of this blue graphic tee online plays right into the fun spirit of the Vurtego culture and sets you apart from all those other lazy, video game playing peeps in the crowd.

Slim Fit Shirts
Our slim fit 4.5 oz. pre-shrunk jersey knit pogo T-shirts are cut to fit your frame in just the right way. Made from 100% cotton, this shirt is designed to display your bulging muscles to the world – just make sure you’ve got the strength to keep the ladies off!

The slim fit design tends to run on the small end and will fit tight to your waist and arms. If you’re unsure of your fit, it’s always better to choose the larger size.

No Feel Printing
Our water-based silk screen prints are dyed into the fabric of the robot shirt so that you’ll never feel a thing but our soft, wonderful cotton all over your body. No need to worry about crusty old paints ruining your perfectly soft blue graphic tee.

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