• V4 Pro Bushing

    The V4 Pro bushing fits both the V4 and V4 Pro models. We recommend replacing the bushing when the plastic wears down enough to allow the shaft to significantly wiggle from side to side. Designed with built-in lube pockets, the V4 Pro plastic bushing sleeve reduces surface area by 78% in comparison to the V4 Bushing and is ready to take you to new heights. Warning This pro pogo stick plastic sleeve bearing fits V4 models only!
  • SoftTop Protector

    The SoftTop Foam Aluminum Edge Protector provides an extra layer of protection for the aluminum top cap of your Vurtego stick. It protects the aluminum from scratches and dings, and also protects your face from the hard aluminum. This pogo stick accessory snaps easily into place and can be held more firmly with an included o-ring.

    Universal Fit

    The SofTop works with all versions of Vurtego pogo sticks.
  • Pink Robots Tee

    Our Pink Robots Tee was designed for the playful at heart. Depicted on the shirt is a sequence of fun-loving, bouncy little aliens moving across your chest, throwing down a variety of different tricks. The pink fabric of the robots t-shirt plays right into the fun spirit of the Vurtego culture and sets you apart from all those other lazy, video game playing peeps in the crowd. Slim Fit Shirts Our slim fit 4.5 oz. pre-shrunk jersey knit pink robot shirts are cut to fit your frame in just the right way. Made from 35% cotton / 65% polyester, these shirts are designed to display your bulging muscles to the world - just make sure you've got the strength to keep the ladies off! The slim fit design tends to run on the small end and will fit tight to your waist and arms. If you're unsure of your fit, it's always better to choose the larger size. No Feel Printing Our water-based silk screen prints are dyed into the fabric of the shirt so that you'll never feel a thing but our soft, wonderful cotton all over your body. No need to worry about crusty old paints ruining your perfectly soft basic pink tee.

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  • Bushing

    If you are doing lots of bouncing on your V2 or V3, and especially if you are doing flips, dismounts, grinds and stalls - chances are you'll need to replace your bushing eventually. This snap-in plastic bushing is easy to replace and is built to last. Be sure to keep your shaft clean from nicks and dings - this will help ensure a long bushing lifespan. Warning This online replacement part fits V2 and V3 models only!
  • Russ Kaus is Jacked on the V4 Fit Pogo Stick V4 Fitness Pogo Stick
    EXPECTED SHIPPING DATE - Nov 2 The V4 Fitness Pogo Stick is designed specifically for exercise and safety. The patented air spring provides our trademark portable trampoline feeling when you jump around the neighborhood. The stainless steel shaft from the V4 has been trimmed down to 12" in length to ensure that this pogo stick is easy to step up onto and a breeze to learn. The shorter shaft length prevents you from jumping high but allows for a high heart rate and minimal joint stress. The V4 Fitness Pogo Stick is designed for riders who weigh 75 pounds or more. For lighter weight riders, please read more here before purchasing. If you still have questions about this extreme pogo stick, shoot us an email and we’ll help out. International orders on may be subject to import duties/taxes. Check out our shipping page for more information.
  • Piston

    Under strict supervision, our nylon pistons are injection molded to within .003" for maximum air sealing. And if your nylon piston is already working perfectly (as it should be), you can always buy one of these bad boys to toss around in the backyard. Their hollowed out underside makes them a perfect new-age frisbee! Order this piston replacement from Vurtego today.
  • Let's face it, kids grow too fast. Every time you buy the little boogers something new, they've already outgrown it. Because of that we find parents frequently buying too big kid hoping that they'll 'grow into it' in a year or two. The fit of our air compressed pogo sticks is vital for optimal performance – so check out our size chart to make sure you’re getting the proper size. Unfortunately, a pogo stick that's too large can be very difficult to use. For that reason, we offer size upgrade kits, which can be used to turn any sized Vurtego pogo stick into any other size. Luckily for you, there are only two parts on our air compressed pogo sticks that determine the size – the cylinder and the shaft. Unfortunately, those two parts are the most expensive on the entire pogo stick...
  • V4 Traction Peg

    Our V4 Traction Pegs are coated with a specially formulated powder coating to create a griptape-like feel and make sure that your feet stay locked in place on the pogo stick at all times. Shop this traction peg and many more pogo stick accessories at Vurtego today. Warning This pogo stick replacement part fits V4 models only!
  • V3 Footpeg

    The aluminum V3 footpeg with the TITS traction control makes sure that your feet stay exactly where they need to be during your epic bounce sessions. Cast from only the highest quality aluminum and then heat treated into their rock solid state, these professional pogo stick foot pegs are designed with safety and performance in mind. Order this pogo stick replacement part from Vurtego today. We also offer a V4 Traction Peg.
  • Cylinder


    Replacement Cylinder

    The V4 Cylinder is compatible with all other versions of Vurtego pogo sticks, from the V1 to the V3. As is the case with the V3, the welded top cap prevents top end leaks, and the interior of the aluminum tube is super smooth to allow for the easiest possible ride. If your old cylinder has gotten scratched or dented, or if you have a V1 or V2, the new V4 replacement cylinder will be a match made in heaven. Looking for more great products? Shop our other air powered pogo stick replacement parts like the V4 Grip Tip.

    Universal Fit

    The green and white replacement cylinders work with all versions of Vurtego pogo sticks.