What’s So Good About The V3?

The V3 is a high performance pogo stick, capable of propelling bouncers 8′ into the air, but don’t get your knickers in a tizzy…nobody has ever gotten onto a V3 and launched 6′ in the air on their first try. It takes a lot of practice to be able to reach the heights that our pro bouncers do. Beginners will have trouble getting the balance necessary to get more than a few feet in the air, while a typical bouncer enjoys a smoother ride with heights in the 4′ range with the occasional launch of 5-6′ plus.
The V3 uses Vurtego’s patented Air Spring technology, which provides all the benefits of a traditional metal spring without all the added weight. All of the air in a V3 weighs…well…pretty much nothing. This net zero in weight gives us the ability to beef up the stick in every other way without weighing the stick down too much.

In order to bounce on a V3, the pogo stick must first be inflated with air. When fully deflated, the shaft sinks into the pogo stick for awesome portability. Pumping air into the stick will slowly push the shaft out of the stick into its fully extended position. The two most common ways to pump up the stick are with a bike pump or an air compressor; both are quick and easy ways that we recommend. You can also try to blow it up with your mouth, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Our aircraft rated aluminum tube provides a crazy smooth bounce due to its smooth, vertically extruded walls and torsional rigidity. With a welded top cap preventing any air from escaping the top of the tube, air leaks have become a thing of the past. Larger breathe holes than previous models reduce damping and increase overall responsiveness, while the aluminum walls protect against cracks.

The stainless steel slide shaft is angled 45° from the rider to provide maximum strength on bails and side landings. With it’s thick walls, the slide shaft is virtually impossible to bend and the stainless steel sheen reduces friction with the footpeg bearing.

We support local business – our V3 pogo sticks are designed, manufactured and assembled one hundred percent in the US.
Unlike other pogo sticks, the V3 can be inflated to handle any bouncer over 100lbs (45kg for people who use proper methods of measurement / 7 stone for those who just disregard everything). Not only that, but it can be adjusted on the fly (get it?) to handle bouncers with different weights. If you’re under 100 lbs, there’s still a good chance that you can bounce on it. Before buying, you should check out our Size Chart and read our in-depth description about using the V3 at under 100 lbs on our FAQ Page
Made by hand in the USA, Vurtego pogo sticks are constructed from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel parts that were designed to last through the ages. Every single pogo stick we make goes through a rigorous testing process prior to ensure that it arrives at your doorstep ready to perform. Once our minions assemble a complete pogo stick, it is filled up with 60psi of air and left to sit for a minimum of 24 hours, at which point the air is checked to make sure no leakage has occurred. All pogo sticks that pass this process are then put through a test ride in which we typically get carried away and end up bouncing for far too long.

V3 Attributes

Height 90
Sound 90
Feel 85
Responsiveness 85
Maneuverability 85
Grinds 30
Big Air Tricks 90
Tech Tricks 25