We stand behind all of our pogo sticks because if we stood in front of them we’d totally get trampled.

We really do build our pogo sticks to a high standard. Every single pogo stick is built by hand in our Southern California shop. We then inspect and bounce test each one prior to boxing and shipping them out. Because of that, our rejects are very low.

Our pogo sticks comes with a 1 year warranty on parts. During that year Vurtego will replace or repair any part on your pogo stick that breaks or is defective. Damage due to misuse or modifications is excluded from the warranty.

Handlebars are excluded from the warranty because they are designed to give way in order to help prevent potential injuries. From time to time, people do break the handlebars, for which we sell replacement packs (3 in a pack) on our site for $20.

The warranty does not transfer ownership and is only valid with proof of ownership. If you sell the pogo stick to to another person the warranty will not apply to them.

Most issues that do occur in the lifetime of our sticks are pretty easily fixed with a phone call and maybe a small replacement part (o-ring, shock absorber…). From time to time, we do have sticks out there that people can’t repair on their own, which we’ll repair for free within the warranty period.

Returns and Exchanges

All sales are backed with a 30 day no questions asked return period. Just shoot us an email at info@vurtego.com letting us know you’d like to return it. We’ll get back to you with the mailing address. From there, just package your order up and send it back. Once we get it we’ll refund your money.

We typically charge a $25 restocking fee for returns which covers our need to replace parts and refurbish the stick to sell as a used model. If your return is in perfect condition with no perceptible scratches or signs of use, we’ll refund your entire purchase less the cost of shipping it to you.

In the case that you purchased the wrong size and would like to replace it with a new one, just get in touch with us. Send your stick back to us and we’ll send a new one in its place. Keep in mind that depending on the condition of your stick we may need to charge a small restocking fee.